Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

The Boy and Girl
Adopted Letterbox

Saratoga County -- Saratoga Springs, NY

Carved Unknown
Planted 00/00/2010

This stamp was found without a log book in the letterbox "The Lonely Fireplace" in Schuylerville, NY. I have not been able to find out who carved it or who it belongs to, so I have adopted it and created this letterbox until someone claims it. If you are the carver or might know who is, I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know. I can be contacted through Atlas Quest mail to Phoenix Rizing or to my email at LTRBOXR@gmail.com (copy and paste my address).

Location and directions coming soon...  I think...

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.

The Boy and Girl