Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

Crawfish Fest

Sussex County Fairgrounds -- Augusta, NJ

Carved October 2008
Planted 00/00/0000

What started as a small crawfish boil for 70 people homesick for boiled crawfish in 1989, has turned into an Annual Crawfish Fest. Featuring the best Music and Food that Louisiana and New Orleans has to offer. Cajun, Zydeco, Delta Blues, New Orleans R&B, Brass, Gospel and Jazz on 4 Stages.  For more information, visit www.crawfishfest.com.

You need to bring your own ink or markers; I highly suggest you have RED for this stamp!

This hand-carved stamp was available during the 2009 Festival from May 29th through June 1st but will be re-planted somewhere in the surrounding area someday...

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