Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

E4mE #0 - sEriEs inspiration

Unknown County -- Unknown, NY

Planted ##/##/####

ThE original idEa of this sEriEs startEd whEn I was givEn this storE-bought stamp and logbook of thE lEttEr "E" by my stEp daughtEr, Kyra. I lovE thE lEttEr "E" as you may havE guEssEd and I lovE fonts, so, ExcEpt for this first stamp, all thE rEst of thE stamps in this sEriEs will bE hand-carvEd in various font facEs. ThE font, if known, will bE notEd in thE logbook.

Although this stamp is storE-bought, it is not just a plain "E". So don't be disappointEd, in thE End you may discovEr a cool carving of thE lEttEr "E"! If you arE a carvEr, you may discovEr that lEttEring is just anothEr shapE and not rEally that difficult to carvE.

To thE box...

DirEctions coming soon...

Tick alert! Check yourself when coming out of the woods!

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.