Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

E4mE #0 - sEriEs inspiration

Unknown County -- Unknown, NY

Planted ##/##/####

ThE original idEa of this sEriEs startEd whEn I was givEn this vEry nicE storE-bought stamp and a logbook of thE lEttEr "E" by my stEp daughtEr, Kyra. I lovE thE lEttEr "E" as you may havE guEssEd (it of coursE is my first initial) and I lovE fonts, so, ExcEpt for this first stamp, all thE rEst of thE stamps in this sEriEs will bE hand-carvEd in various font facEs. I was going to usE thE littlE logbook that shE gavE mE, but thE pagEs Easily fall out, so a morE durablE book is bEing usEd instEad.

In thE log books will bE the namE of the font, if thErE is onE or a dEscription of thE graphic imagE. ThE sEcond stamp in this sEriEs (originally thE first until I dEcidEd to add this stamp) givEs away thE font namE but futurE cluEs won't until you find thE stamp.

Although this stamp is storE-bought, it is not just a plain "E". So don't be disappointEd and, in thE End you may discovEr a cool carving of thE lEttEr "E"!

If you arE a carvEr, you may discovEr that lEttEring is just anothEr shapE and not rEally that difficult to carvE.

I hopE you Enjoy finding thEsE stamps as much as I EnjoyEd carving thEm!

To thE box...

DirEctions coming soon...

Tick alert! Check yourself when coming out of the woods!

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.