Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

Fisher Scientific

Morris County -- Morris Plains, NJ

Carved February 2010
Planted 05/06/2010

Fisher Scientific, founded in 1902, was a biotechnology company that provided products and services to the global scientific research and United States clinical laboratory markets. Its customers included pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, colleges, universities, schools, medical research, hospitals, labs and research & development laboratories. The company offered more than 600,000 products and services to over 350,000 customers located in approximately 150 countries.

In May 2006, Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron merged and the company is now called Thermo Fisher Scientific.

You need to know how to use a compass to find this stamp!

Please bring  BLUE  and  BLACK  inks with you for this stamp.

In Morris Plains, you need to find 500 American Road. When you do, park near the fire hydrant that is near the wood fence.

Enter the woods on the path to the left of the wood fence. Follow the path past the rusting car to the left and the depression on your right (there may or may not be a small pond there). At the gravel path, turn right. Go approximately 35 steps and stop. Look up to the left and see a large 4-trunk tree. Find your way to the tree.

From the white rock behind the tree, sight approximately 340* to a dead 2-trunk tree and go about 6 steps and stop. Look directly to your right and see a rock about 2' in diameter. Behind it and under a flat rock and leaves you will find a Lock'n'Lock type box (Good Cook not Snapware) in a black plastic bag.

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.

Fisher Scientific