Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

Kyra's First Stamps

Middlesex County -- Kendall Park, NJ

Carved October 2008
Planted 11/09/2008

These are the first stamps my step-daughter, Kyra, carved. There are two stamps in the box; please leave a note to Kyra when you find it!

You need to know how to use a compass to find this stamp!

On New Road across from Fire Dept. Station #22 there is a small parking lot.

Take the path on the South side of the lot. Shortly you will come to a trail on the left. Take this trail until you come to a split in the trail. Stop at this point.

Go to the tree in the middle of the split. From this tree, go about 26 steps at approximately 30* to a 2-trunk tree with one dead trunk. Next sight about 21* to another 2-trunk tree about 21 steps away.

At about 0* you will see a 3-trunk tree about 25' away, go to that tree. You should see a place to hide a box perfectly.

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

To return, go back the way you came.

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.