Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

Shelter Island Yachts

Suffolk County -- Shelter Island, NY

Planted 08/15/2009

Shelter Island is 8,000 acres of land, marsh and mist nestled between the North and South Forks of Long Island and surrounded by Gardiner's, Shelter Island and Peconic Bays. Gardiner's Island to the east completes the sheltering effect. Shelter Island can be reached by shuttle ferries from both Greenport and North Haven, north of Sag Harbor. The State road through the island is Route 114.

A brief history can be read here:

This stamp is the first on Shelter Island and depicts a beautiful sailboat, similar to the boats that sail around the island.

Please note that Beach Parking Permits are required from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

You need to know how to use a compass to find this stamp!

From Greenport via the North Ferry:

Route 114 South.
Turn left at Winthrop Road.
Bear right onto Corbetts Lane.
The road T's into Ram Island Road.
Turn left.
Turn right at Ram Island Drive.
Follow the directions below.

From North Haven via the South Ferry:

Route 114 North.
The road winds around for a bit.
You will pass on the left Smith Road.
Right after that, Route 114 bends to the left but there is a road if you go straight.
Continue straight onto St. Mary's Road.
You will come to an intersection and will bear right onto Ram Island Road.
After a little ways, turn right at Ram Island Drive.
Follow the directions below.

After turning onto Ram Island Drive:

Count 23 telephone poles on the left.
Right after the 23rd pole is a very short sand road to the beach; you can park your car here.
(If you get to a sign on the right that says "Flood Area" you have gone too far.)
Go out to the beach, turn left and walk about 100 yards.
On your left will be a clump of low pine brush surrounded by a beach path.
Go directly behind the clump.
Site approximately 309* and walk about 27 steps; you should find yourself in the middle of a field of small cactus plants.
Walk 6 steps at 185*; look to the left and see an entrance into the underbrush over a log.
After the log go about 3'.
Site 220* and go about 22 steps to a sprawling fir tree with about 5 trunks and octopus roots leaning to the right.
Tucked under the furthest trunk, under a SPOW(ood), you will find Shelter Island Yachts.

Beware of poison ivy! During the summer, the beaches around Shelter Island always have people on them. Although less people frequent this beach, there will still be muggles about, so please be discrete when looking for the box. Please double-bag the log book and make sure the box is sealed and covered by the black bag and rehide the box better than you found it.

To return, go back the way you came.

Please double-bag the logbook and hide the box better than how you found it!

Record your find at LbNA and/or AQ.

Shelter Island NY