Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

Letterboxing Terms
Huh? What does that mean?

Here are some of those terms that are used in clues that may confuse the letterboxer (it took me 5 years to learn the meaning of SPOR!). If you don't know what something means, please feel free to ask me or post your question on one of the many web groups out there (see my Links page).

Term Definition
Signature Stamp YOUR personal stamp
SPO Suspicious Pile Of
SPOR Suspicious Pile Of Rocks
SPOL Suspicious Pile Of Leaves
SPORL Suspicious Pile Of Rocks and Leaves
SPOW Suspicious Pile Of Wood
Muggle A non-letterboxer who knows nothing about this wonderful hobby. (Harry Potter reference)

A non-letterboxer who knows about letterboxing; usually another family member who puts up with your hobbies. (Harry Potter reference)

Black-Holed When a Postal is sent to someone and they never send it on or return it.
Hopefully someday it will find its way home...
LbNA Letterboxing North America
AQ Atlas Quest
BluArcher Another of my aliases or my other website BluArcher.com