Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing
Letterboxing with Phoenix Rizing

 APRIL 13, 2017 

Welcome to my Letterboxing pages!

Here you will find boxes that I have planted, trading cards I have created,
poems that I have written, stories about my adventures,
terms you may not know and links to my favorite sites.

I hope you enjoy what you find here as much as I have enjoyed putting it here!

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History of Letterboxing
From Atlas Quest

Letterboxing Poems
Ode to Letterboxing


 New Jersey: 
Fisher Scientific
Eddie's Camp Stamp
Ed's 50th
Kyra's First Stamps
West Essex Trail

 New York: 
Marbletown O&W
Apocalypse Series - Winter Blahs 2012 (21)
"Never Stop Doing Letterboxing"
Moose on the Loose (Long Island)
Alice ventured to taste it....
The Nyack Library Series (3)
Hilltop Hanover Farm-Ville
Shelter Island Yachts

 Not Planted Yet: 
New Jersey State Quarter (2)
The Horse "Brick"
Crawfish Fest
The Boy and Girl
Canadian Pacific Railway
D&R Canal Railway

Adopted Letterboxes

 New Jersey: 
Ramapo Mountain State Forest (2)
Music to My Ears
Wawayanda Letterboxing Series

 Looking for Owner: 

The Boy and Girl - Unknown Carver

This stamp was found in "The Lonely Fireplace" letterbox in Schuylerville, NY without a logbook.
If anyone knows anything about "The Boy and Girl" stamp or you are the carver,
please contact me through Atlas Quest mail:

Phoenix Rizing

Personal Travelers

TG Peace
Chicago the Band
Moon Landing
New York Jets
The Art of Tara McPherson: Untitled Nude

Letterbox Trading Cards - LTCs
Crosses: Knight's Templar
Movies of My Birth Year: 1959 Operation Petticoat
What's your Sign? Pisces
Stamps Forever 2011: Jazz
Movies From A to Z: The President's Analyst
J Scott Campbell: Supergirl
Myths & Mysteries: UFO's
USA Postage Stamps: New Jersey
Dragonball Z: Goku
MushrooM & HikerGuyEd Combined Stamp (Retired)
HikerGuyEd Signature Stamp #2 (Retired)
HikerGuyEd Signature Stamp (Retired)
Toyota RAV4
1946 US Airmail 5¢
Uglydoll: Turny Burny
Linkin Park LTC
Festivals & Fairs: Crawfish Fest
End of the Rainbow (Retired)
Vive la France!: Edouard
Canadian stuff, eh?: Canadian Pacific Railway
Microbrews: Greenport Harbor
Microbrews: Triumph
Microbrews: Cricket Hill
Microbrews: Harvest Moon
The Art of Tara McPherson: Untitled Nude
Colleges & Universities: Ramapo College #2
Colleges & Universities: Ramapo College #1
Jobs Past and Present: Fisher Scientific
NFL Teams: NY Jets
State Quarters: New Jersey
Musical Legends: Chicago

All of the above LTC's are available to trade unless retired.
If interested, click Phoenix Rizing to e-mail me through AQ.

 LTC's Under Construction: 
Empire State Building
Pan Am: Orion III
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon


Aztec Calendar
Who Carved It?
Canadian Pacific
Pisces Forever (Blackholed)
Mixed Tape Express Again: Eddie's Eclectic Electronic Noise (Retired)
Stamps Forever 2011: Jazz
Black Bear
Uglydolls: Turny Burny
Stamps 2010: 1946 US Airmail 5¢

All of the above Postals are available to trade unless retired.
If interested, AQ-mail me at Phoenix Rizing.

 Postals Under Construction: 
Taylor Ham


My Heart to Your Heart
F-104 Whoosshhhh!!!


Winged Foot Cootie
The Body Shop Cootie
M&M Cootie Railroad
Cootie Light
Beware of the Rattle Cootie!
Hit by a Cootie Arrow


Jesus the Christ ~ Alpha & Omega
E4mE - hoboE
E4mE - on firE
Winged Foot Quisp

Event Boxes

Susquehanna Susie Q
Winter Blahs 2012 - The Apocalypse Edition: Event Stamp
Winter Blahs 2012 - The Apocalypse Edition: Trinity
Winter Blahs 2012 - The Apocalypse Edition: Galactus the Planet Eater
Winter Blahs 2012 - The Apocalypse Edition: 12-21-12
Paumanok Moose Hunt (retired)
House Stuff (12)
dekcirT neeB ev'ouY
St. Dad Traveling Event Box
New Jersey State Quarter for Boxtoberfest (semi-retired)

Letterboxing Stuff

What is a Letterbox Trading Card (LTC)?
What is a Letterbox Postal?
Letterboxing Gathers
Letterboxing Terms You Should Know
Letterboxing Links

Signature Stamps

September 2016 - Present

Phoenix Rizing

In April 2015, I started to make a significant change in my life.
If you tell me what that is, I have a PT for you...

As this change was SO significant,
I changed my Trail Name to Phoenix Rizing
and retired the name and stamps for

Retired Signature Stamp
December 2010 - September 2016

Phoenix Rizing - Explore & Discover

Retired Signature Stamp
November 2004 - December 2010

Phoenix Rizing - Explore & Discover